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Rooki.Design is an online magazine for design students which offers free articles, resources, interviews from Design Leaders, and free-to-submit design awards.

I reached out to the creator of Rooki.Design, Edoardo Rainoldi, on Twitter to assist in writing blogs, finding resources, and creating free content to offer to design students and young designers alike.

Free design resources relieves the worry & anxieties that comes with having to create everything from scratch—especially for young designers trying to focus on an area of expertise. Check below for some of the articles I have wrote for the publication.

It was written (by me)
It was written
(by me)

The Best 5 Figma Plug-Ins for New Designers

Automate your workflow like a pro (without actually being one, yet.)

The 10 Best Resources for Free Icons in 2020

There's no lack of icon options at the start of the new decade

How to Use Icons in Your Designs

Use icons to make your designs more accessible and easy to use!

How to Easily Implement Animations with the Power of Lottie

Add a little "boom" to your projects

Put Your UI Skills to the Test with this Addicting Design Game

Which design is more "correct"?

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