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Product Designer
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Zane Shannon, Founder
Zane Shannon,
September 2021

A campaign to redefine what is considered “professional” product design and promote self-expression through software.


Who defines what looks right in software?

CommandDot Colors is an attempt to challenge the status quo of what is considered “professional” design in software. The sameness of UI we see today was not designed to represent the people it is attempting to serve.

“What if we instead designed software that reflects more people and their everyday experiences, both good and bad, so on days we aren’t as “productive” as we’d like, we can go home and be more present in our real lives outside of work by having some peace of mind knowing that when we inevitably have to unlock our phones and open our laptops again tomorrow, we’ll be greeted with something that actually feels like humans made it. dismissing the “perfect,” “clean,” ideal,” professional,” “standard“, and “default” definitions of good design™, we can naturally start to invite people with a wide range of experiences to now feel comfortable enough to participate & succeed in software.”

To take a very, very small step towards that goal, I designed CommandDot in 7 vibrant colors in an effort to help make the personal computer represent more people and encourage self-expression through software that has a history of being bland.

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